Culture Moves Europe


Culture Moves Europe supports the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals. It is part of Creative Europe in the field of culture.

Culture Moves Europe brings together artists, artists and cultural professionals from the countries participating in the Creative Europe programme. The mobility scheme is aimed primarily at emerging artists.

The plan builds on the results of the I-Portunus pilot project, which preceded Culture Moves Europe in 2018-2022. Detailed information and testimonials of I-Portunus beneficiaries can be found here.

Culture Moves Europe has a budget of €21 million for the period 2022-2025. It allows about 7,000 artists, creators and cultural workers

go abroad for professional development or international cooperation


*engage in co-creation

*introduce your works to a new audience

Types of support

1. Individual mobility

For individual artists and cultural workers traveling for 7-60 days or groups of individuals (up to 5 people traveling for 7-21 days).

Current calls for proposals aimed at all sectors at once are open every year from autumn to spring.

2. Residency measure

*short-term residencies within 1 to 3 months

*long-term residencies 3 to 6 months

*extended residencies for up to 10 months

Invitations to each sector will be open twice during the duration of the scheme.

Who can apply

The scheme is open to the following participants

*artists, creators and cultural professionals working in any cultural sector except the audiovisual sector.

*organisations active in any cultural sector with the exception of the audiovisual sector regularly organise residency or other types of site-specific cultural projects and are interested in receiving artists and cultural professionals.

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