Creative loan

Areas of Inspiration, Muse's Whim

Who is the creative loan for?

The creative loan is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the cultural and creative sectors and helps to finance creative projects. 

How much and under what conditions?

  • Loan amount up to 250,000 €
  • Loan amount: 5000 – 250 000 €
  • Period: up to 60 months
  • Interest: up to 1.33% per month (up to 16% per annum)
  • Guarantee: surety of a private person or a legal entity (if applicable)
  • Contract fee: 1% of the loan amount (min. 100 €)

Finora Capital stands behind the creative loan, more information about the creative loan https://loomelaen.ee/

Please visit our FAQ section to view some frequently asked questions. Alternatively you can email cedculture@artscouncil.ie with specific queries regarding the funding available under the Creative Europe Culture Sub-programme.