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Creative European Culture aims to foster artistic and cultural cooperation at European level in order to support the creation of European works and to strengthen the economic, social and external dimensions of Europe's cultural and creative sectors, as well as innovation and mobility.

Concert Pärt and Kaljuste, photo by Vahur Lõhmus


It is a pleasure to note that the volume of funding for Creative Europe 2021-2027 has increased significantly - the total budget is ca 2.5 billion EUR.

Co-finances projects in international cooperation, networking, mobility and internationalisation, for example through residency programmes, tours, events, exhibitions and festivals.

Major changes

The most important changes in the new 2021-2027 period in the CULTURE support programme:

  • Simplified and increased access to grants for collaborative projects .
  • Increasing the budget for the platform support round. 
  • Mobility grants for artists and professionals (https://www.i-portunus.eu/).  
  • A more sector-specific approach to granting. 
  • A greater focus on representation on the international stage.

It is important to note that, as horizontal issues, the new programming period attaches great importance to social inclusion and environmental sustainability. Useful references for further reflection on these topics:

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