1. Introduction
This is an overview of how your personal data is processed (including web cookies) when you use the website www. controller of your personal data is the Estonian Film Institute Foundation, registry code 90000357, address Harju maakond, Tallinn, Uus tn 3.

2. How do we process your data?
We receive your personal data when you provide it to us, in particular by subscribing to the Creative Europe newsletter. In addition, we can use cookies on the website, which help the site to function technically and ensure user-friendliness.

3. What personal data do we process and why?

Personal data
Basis for processing
Subscribing to the newsletter

Name, Organization, E-mail Address

Delivering the Creative Europe Newsletter to interested parties
Technical functioning of the website 

Browser information, technical cookies, error messages

Platform operation and development
Legitimate interest
Online behavior of the platform user

Web browser information, IP address, analytical cookies

Optimizing the ease of use of the platform user

4. Transfer of personal data
Your personal data will not be shared with third parties, except for the service providers we have selected, the purpose of which is to provide a workable solution for sending newsletters. The service provider has access to some of your personal data to ensure the appropriate service. These service providers do not have the right to use your personal data for other purposes or to store it longer than necessary to provide the service appropriately.

With whom and for what purpose do we share personal data?

Categories of receivers
Purpose of the transfer
Service providers

We cooperate with the service provider Mailchimp, whose task is to provide a technical solution for sending newsletters to the e-mail address provided by you. You can read more about the terms of use and privacy provisions applicable to the Mailchimp service here

Mailchimp uses technical, analytical and marketing cookies to provide the service. When you subscribe to our Newsletter, these cookies are applied to your data. You can read more about these cookies and how to make choices about their use, here

International transfers

As our service provider is located outside the European Economic Area (USA), the contact details provided by those requesting the newsletter will also be forwarded to the US territory using cloud solutions. In such cases, we ensure that the transfer of data complies with applicable data protection rules and laws, and that contractual, technical and organizational measures are in place. Our service provider is committed to ensuring the same protection of personal data as in the European Union through standard data protection contractual clauses (SCC).

5. Ensuring the security of personal data
To ensure the security of all data, we implement technical and organizational security measures. We guarantee the protection of your personal data in case of intentional or unintentional destruction, alteration, undue access or any other unlawful processing.

6. Retention and deletion of personal data
The retention periods of personal data depend on the purpose and legal basis for which we process it. For example, we may be subject to a legal or contractual obligation to retain data for a certain period of time. It may also be based on your and our legitimate interest or your consent. In the following, we will give an overview of these deadlines.  

Purpose of processing
Storage period
Name, Organization, E-mail Address

Sending a newsletter

Until unsubscribed
Browser information, technical cookies, error messages

Technical functioning of the website

Until the end of the online session or the resolution of the error message
Browser information, IP address, user behaviour

Web analytics

Until withdrawal of consent

7. Rights of the person
According to the data protection regulation, you have certain rights in relation to the processing of personal data.

1) Right of access.
You have the right to know who, how, from what sources and what personal data is processed.
2) Data transfer. You have the right to request the personal data collected about you in a machine-readable format for transfer to another service provider whose services you wish to use, for example, in the future.              
3) Erasure of data/right to be forgotten.
You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data if you no longer want it to be processed and the controller has no legitimate reason to use it. 
4) Restriction/objection to data processing.
You have the right to restrict and prohibit the processing of your personal data under certain conditions.  You also have the right to object, if there is a good reason, to the use of your data for processing on the basis of a legitimate interest.
5) Correction of data. You always have the right to rectify or supplement your personal data if it is not accurate and if the inaccuracy may have an impact on you.   
6) The right to withdraw consent. If you have given consent to the processing of your personal data, you always have the right to withdraw it.

To exercise the above rights related to the processing of personal data, please contact us

We will answer you within 30 days.

In the case of online tips used by our service provider, you need to contact the service provider as the data controller.

8. Other important information


We will send you newsletters if you have given us your consent to do so and provided us with the necessary contact details on our website. You have the option to withdraw your consent at any time by using the unsubscribe option at the end of each newsletter (Unsubscribe). We may also use social media tools to promote the foundation's activities. As social media platforms and web analytics providers are treated as separate controllers, their privacy policy also applies to the processing of your personal data in this regard. Consequently, attention must also be paid to the terms and conditions of the consents of these service providers.

Settlement of disputes

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, please contact us . You also have the right to file a complaint with the Data Protection Inspectorate 

The announcement was last updated in April 2021.