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Good to know

All applications are submitted through the online portal "Funding & tender opportunities" (Funding & tenders). The portal is also the place where the grant decision is notified, a contract is signed and a report is submitted.

On the "Funding & tender opportunities" subpage, find the application round in which you want to submit an application (Funding & tenders). On the subpage of the call, there is a "Start submission" section, where you can also start the process of filling in your application by pressing the "start submission" button.

To apply, it is necessary to register and validate the company in advance. It is necessary to make a PIC code for the company. If it exists from before, then it can still be used. The registration of the applicant's company takes time, sometimes several weeks, as the background and data of the company are checked.

If you have any questions while preparing your application, please contact Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Estonia.